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Zero-day threats, zero-day vulnerabilities
Also known as zero-hour threats and vulnerabilities, they include threats that take advantage of a security hole before the vulnerability is known. The security hole is usually discovered the same day the computer attack is released. In other words, software developers have zero days to prepare for the security breach and must work as quickly as possible to fix the problem.
A computer that has been compromised by a virus or Trojan horse that puts it under the remote control of an online hijacker. The hijacker uses it to generate spam or makes the computer unusable to the owner, and the user is usually unaware that their computer has been compromised. Generally, a compromised machine is only one of many in a botnet, and will be used to perform malicious tasks under remote direction.
A collection of viruses used for testing by researchers. See also: in the wild, zoo virus.
Zoo virus
A virus found only in virus laboratories that has not moved into general circulation.