Expert IT support for Los Angeles Businesses

Help Desk

zHelp Desk

We are ready to become your IT department, always responsive and responsible for the maintenance of your core IT systems. Accountable to you management team, you can rely on our help desk services to ensure smooth operation, security and reliability of your IT networks.

IT Services for Law Firms

zLAW Services.

Reliable, dependable IT services designed for law firms. zLAW Services group works closely with you to ensure the needs of firm's partners, associates, staff and clients are timely met.

Medical Office focused IT Services

zMED Services

Proactive care for your computer systems. We've created a medical office focused services team where the main focus is making sure your medical practice can deliver patient care in a consistent a reliable manner.

IT Services for Finanzal Companies


Focused on collection and billing management companies, our zFinancial services revolves around the focus of proactively maintaining your team at maximum efficiency so you can concentrate on billing and collecting for your client's accounts.