Sharing Calendars in Outlook

Microsoft outlook is a great application for the office setting; you can send and receive e-mail, make schedules, take notes, and use several other very helpful tools geared towards the office environment.

One of those features is the ability to share calendars with the people you would like. There are several ways to do it, let’s say you want to share a calendar with an entire group of users, naturally this would be a group calendar. You will be able to set permissions and allow certain members of this group to be able to add and edit calendar entries. If on the other hand, you have your own personal calendar, and would like to share it with another person, where they will be able to edit your calendar, you can simply choose to share it via an e-mail link, practical, easy, and quick.

How to share calendars by e-mail:

Calendars that are shared by e-mail are received in the user’s inbox as an e-mail message with the calendar attached to it.

Step 1: On the Home tab, look for the Share group, click E-mail Calendar.


Step 2: Once Calendar box comes up, from drop down menu, choose calendar to send.


Step 3: Choose Range from Date Range box by clicking time period you want the calendar to show.

Step 4: Finish making any additional selections you would like and click OK.