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Configuring automatic signature in Microsoft Outlook

Having a configured signature for your e-mail maybe a small detail but can be an important one, with a signature, you are giving all your pertinent information to clients and other recipients making it easier for them to get in contact with you. Beyond having your contact information, title within the company, and other useful information, information handling policies regarding e-mails can also be stated here. Continue reading

Como configurar una firma en el cliente de correos Microsoft Outlook

Tener una firma configurada en el correo electrónico es muy importante, debido a que con esta, podemos informar a las personas que reciban nuestros correos los medios por medio de los cuales nos podrán contactar, nuestra posición en la compañía, además de ser útil para compartir políticas de manejo de la información enviada vía mail, en caso de que existan. Continue reading

Sharing files or folders with Advanced Sharing

Sharing files in a working environment is really useful; one advantage is not having many versions of a same file in different locations, which helps to prevent the loss of information.

There are different ways to share files or folders, some have more options of setting permissions than the others, in this case we will emphasize in Advanced Sharing. Continue reading

Using to share your screen with someone else

By using the web tool you will be able to share your screen with someone else over the internet. Can be really useful if, for example, you are learning a new program at a new job, working together on a document, or are having error messages popping all over your screen and need someone to look at them. To use the screen sharing tool just follow these simple steps: Continue reading