DavidI was born in Maicao, a city in La Guajira, Colombia. I developed computer skills knowledge by practicing and investigating out of pure curiosity when I was younger, and over the years. I studied in Colegio Albania, a bilingual school member of SACS and IB. A coal mining company called Cerrejón sponsors the school. There, I was a member of the National Honor Society and obtained excellent grades on the state exams. Thanks to that, I had the opportunity to win a couple of scholarships that allowed me to graduate as a Systems Engineer from Universidad del Norte in Baranquilla, Colombia. I also have a diploma in university teaching given by Politécnico de Colombia, located in Medellín. I am studying a master's degree in project management in ENEB from Spain and working as a Support Engineer, in charge of customer service and remote support in Zoltis. In my free time I give classes to whoever needs them, in any area, I am always open to learn, teach and help others when they need it.