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Load PerfMon performance counters (update registry values)



Load PerfMon performance counters (update registry values).

Syntax: LODCTR optionOptions:  INI-FileName An initialization file that contains the counter name definitions and explain text for an extensible counter DLL. /S:Backup-FileName Save the current perf registry strings and info to Backup-FileName /R:Backup-FileName Restore the perf registry strings and info using Backup-FileName /R Rebuild the perf registry strings and info from scratch based on the current  registry settings and backup INI files. Often required if Perfmon crashes, or the server is rebooted while perfmon is running. /T:Service-Name Set the performance counter service as trusted. /E:Service-Name Enable the performance counter service. /D:Service-Name Disable the performance counter service. /Q Query all performance counter service information /Q:Service-Name Query specific performance counter service information. /M:Counter-Manifest Install Windows Vista performance counter provider definition XML file to system repository.

Any arguments with spaces in the names must be enclosed within"Double Quotation" marks.


Rebuild the performance counters:

C:\> lodctr /r

“People count up the faults of those who keep them waiting” ~ French Proverb


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