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On our Help Desk you can find the most common questions and issues faced and asked by our clients. For that reason we have elaborated a tailored guide that will help you, better to understand how Zoltis Technologies and our dedicated team can help you to solve your needs.

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{slider title="1.- My PC is very slow" open="false"}

The first step to fix a slow computer is to check that the machine is the real source of the problem.

Videos with a long delay loading, as well as sites that also takes to raise, may not be your computer problems to name a few examples. Many factors may be the reason for a delay when loading web sitebut we always recommend doing a speed test internet first using a very reliable tool. will allow you to diagnose your slow connection.


Speed Result

If in this case the problem is caused by your PC, one of the most common factors that cause slowness is the lack of capacity on the hard drive or disk partition which runs on your (Windows) operating system.Then it's the ideal place to make room by taking a series of measures time. Delete temporarygiving more space to the partition of windowsadding a hard drive to your machine, running tools to optimize your hard drive or call a technician to do all this for you.

Hard Drives Space

Configuration Tool System Microsoft is your next best option to deal with slow performance. 
The applications start automatically when you boot your machine, which can lengthen the boot time, especially on slower, older computers. Make a habit of cutting the startup itemsOpen the tool by pressing Windows-R keys, type msconfig and press Enter.

System Configuration

He checking the items in the tab "Startup" is the best way to stop applications that are potentially harmful for the proper functioning of your machine.

Once you have made all your changes, click OK and restart the computer. It should boot up faster and will notice much faster.

{slider title="2.- The downloads take to long" open="false"}

The first step is to measure our internet speed using as shown in the figures you see below.

In this case you check the download and upload speed for which it ideal must be at least 50% of the internet that pays your ISP with a ping below 100 milliseconds.


If the speeds seem solid, make sure you are not downloading or uploading anything unwillingly or realize at this time. Programs like uTorrents and this whole family usually download or upload information even when it is over the desired discharge.

Speed Result

Check the network hardware. Updates for the network cards are not as common, but if the manufacturer of the card features a newer driver, download it.

Reset the router and the modem can help with connection problems too. Most routers and modems have reset buttons, but pulling the cord for a second or two may have the same effect. No power cut for long, so the hardware is not reset to the default factory configuration brings.

{slider title="3.- My computer is constantly reset" open="false"}

Hardware problems are difficult to diagnose and resolve even the most experienced users.

First, it confirms that just downloaded and accept the update from windows, usually repeatedly resintalarse need to configure the system and does it automatically. Next, you must update all critical system driversThe graphics card, motherboard and the network card drivers are crucial.

Sometimes this can be caused by virus or adware or overheating which is almost always a physical machine problem, or it can be something as simple as making sure that the drivers for your video card are up to date.

If your machine is also making a strange noise, you can also simply dusting your machine solves everything. Modern computers have a failsafe for about overheating that causes constant off the team, this is common in the use of programs that require a high amount of resources to run, such as design software, video editing and especially many games.

{slider title="4.- My browser does not have a correct appearance" open="false"}

The commonly known as browser hijackers are a particularly nasty breed of malware.

These programs tend to go over your Internet browser and can silently redirect your searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and other inquiries to fake sites designed to steal your personal information or infect your system even more. 

Running in real time a good antivirus as mentioned in some of our blogs is the best way to stay protected and avoid these types of infections in your browser.

{slider title="5.- My Wi-Fi keep desconecting" open="false"}

Wireless connections may become irregular puzzle. The problem may be caused by your computer, your router or your ISP.

Windows Network Diagnostics

Make sure the computer is within range of your wireless router, make sure That weak signals mean weak connections.

As I mentioned earlier, let windows solve the problem for you. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar and select Troubleshoot.

{slider title="6.-I keep seeing "There is a problem with the security certificate of the website"" open="false"}

Sometimes the biggest problems have the simplest solutionsUsually this problem comes from a defect in the system clock.

Security Certificate Error

{slider title="7.- My printer does not print" open="false"}

Assuming that the printer drivers are updated and that you have enough paper and ink to print. Try to power cycle your printer. Disconnect, then connect it to your computer. 

Use Printer Offline

Make sure "Use Printer Offline" is unchecked. Sometimes print while the printer is off, you can have Windows set your printer to work offline, and can stop work to begin later.

{slider title="8.- I can not open attachments to my email" open="false"}

In this case you must ensure the attachment is not compacted otherwise, you should have updated your compressor needed to open the file. The other thing that can happen is you do not have the program to open the file. So you should try to display the extent of it to check for the program or to look on the internet. If you have hidden the extent of their files, could view them. This allows you to quickly find the file extension easily.

Hide Files Unchecked

{slider title="9.- My favorite program did not start on my new PC" open="false"}

Web Security Certificates are synchronized with the clock on your computer. Older computers also are at risk of depleted CMOS battery. Go Allo first is to check that your program is compatible with the operating system you have installed on your new PC. It usually happens that the new computers we buy bring the latest version of Windows installed to cite one example and that program or game that we used has not been updated to be compatible with the latest versions of existing operating systems when you do upgrade your hardware. If you used ubuntu for example, please note that this email on linux operating system and is fully compatible with Windows, the same happens when you buy a new Mac, if those who usually do salvos installers have on your machine and you want reinstalled in your new Mac, as in this case unless the program is multi-platform programs that run on Windows do not usually run on Mac.

{slider title="10.- I can not configure my email account with outlook" open="false"}

To set up your outlook in general should follow the following steps. For the vast majority of servers is the form given below. Incoming server messages (POP3/IMAP server) Outgoing Server messages (SMTP server) Usernamefull email account. Example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Password: assigned to the email account set up in your cPanel-> Email Accounts. SMTP authentication must be enabled for access is successful.

Step 1. If you set up a google or yahoo account is a bit more sencillola authentication must be enabled for access is successful, leave it as is the default and we have configured the mail, but in the case of our own custom domain our email is important to manually check and go to the next setup as shown in Fig.

Myaccountsetup Paso 1

Step 2. On this screen POP or IMAP mark as shown in the figure depicted. Default usually comes the first box, which should be changed as indicated in Fig.

Myaccount Setup Paso 2

Step 3. Usually the incoming email is and outgoing server (SMTP Server) is the same as the input as shown below in the figure represented.

Myaccount Setup Setting Paso 3

Step 4. By default Outlook brings the output port 25, and on many servers the message output port is 2525 as shown below. This is a common mistake.

 Myaccountsetup Setting Paso 4