How to setup network faxing with a Konika Minolta BizHub

    Faxing over the network minimizes office staff printing and walking to the fax machine to fax documents already on PDF or other digital formats.

    Today I am going to guide you on how to setup network faxing with a Konika Minolta BizHub multifunction printer to enable office personnel sending faxes over the network from their windows stations.

    To setup network faxing, head on to the Konika Minolta website at:

    And download the correct driver for your multi-function printer, mine is a BizHub 458e and the drivers are located at:

    Please keep in mind that you might need a faxing module on your MFP in order to use this feature and the physical fax line should be connected to the unit.

Installing the fax driver

Once you have downloaded the driver from Konika Minolta’s website, extract all the files and execute the setup.exe file to start configuring the driver on your workstation. 1 Decompress The Fax Driver 300x169

    Once the driver installation setup wizard starts up, agree to the terms and conditions and press next to continue

2 Start Konika Minolta Fax Drivr Setup 300x169

    The wizard will automatically search the local area network to find any compatible devices to install the driver for and display on the next screen the found devices, you have the alternative to manually define the IP of the device should you need to do so.

3 Network Mfp Detection Start Fax Network Discovery 300x169

4 Select The Mfp Device With Fax Capabilities 300x169

    Select the device that has the fax module & fax line connected by checking the checkbox next to the correct one (you can always confirm you select the correct one by its IP address), hit next once you have selected them.

 5 Click Next To Start Fax Driver Setup 300x169

    The next screen will display the installation summary with the devices to be installed and drivers that will be installed for those devices. Click Install to continue.

 6 Review Drivers To Be Installed 300x169

7 Network Fax Driver Install 300x169

     The installation will add the drivers, one of them in my case is the Fax driver that will add any printout to the outgoing fax queue.

 8 300x169

    On the next screen, the installation completed summary will display giving you the chance of renaming the printers if you would like to use a meaningful name, define a default system printer and testing the printing capabilities.

Faxing Driver Installation Summary 300x169

    Click Finish to exit the installation wizard.

 Click Finish To Exit 300x169

Testing the faxing capabilities

    Sending a fax is a simple as printing any document, I will use notepad to simply print he phrase “this is a fax”, go ahead and click print to bring up the standard print dialog.

 Select The Installed Fax Driver As Printer Driver 300x169

    Select the Fax driver we just installed from the printer list and click Print

12 300x169

    On the “Fax transmission Popup” window, enter the receiver name, the fax number including any prefixes required for outbound dialing and add it to the Recipient list.

13 300x169

    You could change other details like setting up the cover page and add more recipients.

Add Fax Receiver And Other Details 300x169

    Click on OK to send the fax.

 16 300x169

Checking the outgoing fax queue

    If you would like to check whether your faxes are being sent, browse to the Konika Minolta device web interface and click on Jobs on the left-hand side menu.

17 300x169

    Then click on Current Jobs to display the outgoing fax queue.

18 300x169

    If the fax has not been sent, you will see it on the queue of faxes waiting to be sent in order, in my case someone was faxing a 119 pages document that left my test waiting for quite a while.

Check Outgoing Fax Queue 300x169

    And that’s how you configure a Konika Minolta Bizhub MFP for network faxing, a very convenient option to avoid office staff walking up to the printer to print a document and then walking up to a fax machine to fax it, a whole 15 minutes or more time saving for each document !

    Extra Tip: You can provide users with a shortcut to the active jobs page so they can check whether their fax has been sent or is waiting on the outbound fax queue !